GC2, in Brazil and InKemia, expand their collaboration agreement by the incorporation of a partnership with Recerca Clínica in order to offer to the pharmaceutical industry a broader spectrum of clinical trials services in Europe, Brazil and Latin America

The Brazilian company GC2 - Gestão do Conhecimento Científico SA, a central laboratory for pre-clinical and clinical research based in São Paulo, and InKemia Brasil, a subsidiary of the European multinational InKemia IUCT Group, dedicated to the generation of high value technological knowledge to support the life sciences industries, extend their partnership for the area of clinical research, incorporating to their agreement the company Recerca Clínica, a clinical contract research organization based in Barcelona, Spain.

The original agreement focused on providing its customers with a complete service for all development stages (new products, manufacture and import of medicines and consulting services) has now been extended to cover pre-clinical and clinical development through the collaboration with Recerca Clínica, an InKemia IUCT Group company.

Recerca Clínica is a contract research organization (CRO) that supports Spanish pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, medical devices, other CROs, international scientific societies, public institutions and other research centers for planning, designing, and implementing clinical trials, marketing studies, and post-approval trials in various development phases (phases I-IV).

GC2 is a Brazilian central laboratory for clinical and preclinical research, covering all stages from technical feasibility analysis, development planning, up until the execution of clinical and pre-clinical phases focusing on laboratory aspects.

Thus, the collaboration between GC2 and Recerca Clínica offers the European, Brazilian and all Latin America pharmaceutical industries the possibility of clinical studies that include:

  • Laboratory services and centralized image reading;
  • Collaboration in clinical studies with other CROs;
  • Data management services to conduct clinical studies.

With the extent of this collaboration between GC2 and InKemia through Recerca Clínica, full-spectrum service research and without borders is established, allowing pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials for the development of new drugs either in European Union countries, Brazil or in Latin America.

For the CEO of GC2 SA, Dr. Carlos Kiffer, the incorporation of Recerca Clínica "is aligned to the concept of open innovation and to our strategy of operating with a flexible business model that meets the global market demand while maintaining high quality and technical rigor." For Kiffer "the partnership, in addition to completing the portfolio of both companies, will open doors bilaterally in Brazil and in Europe for the pharmaceutical companies to extend their development programs." The CEO of Recerca Clínica, Jordi Roma says: "In global society, I can only understand the business growth based on knowledge sharing of each of the involved parties; ‘share to compete’ for me is the best motto. With this agreement we want to add and provide our customers with the security of being in more markets with the best quality." Óscar Miranda, CEO of InKemia Brazil concludes that "the inclusion of Recerca Clínica with GC2 shows the strategic vision of InKemia which aims to generate knowledge that will become scientific and technical value through a synergistic network of life science companies that operate in the global market. In the end we want our customers to gain efficiency and competitiveness, so that they can offer better products and services.”


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