The main areas of development in industrial biotechnology of InKemia IUCT group are:

  • New microorganism prospects and enzymes derived from extreme environments
  • Obtention of novelty enzymes as industrial biocatalysts to be used in the fine chemistry sector or related.
  • Purified expression of proteins
  • Design and optimization of biocatalysts
  • Design of biocatalyst processes
  • Scale-up studies for biotechnological processes


Techniques of specialization:


  • Cloning of host cells both prokaryotic and eukaryotic
  • Cloning of vectors
  • Constitutive and inductive expression of proteins in prokaryotes and yeasts
  • Primer design
  • Set-up of biotransformation reactions mediated by microorganisms or purified fractions of microorganisms.
  • Biosynthesis of APIs both antiviral and anti-cancer
  • Biosynthesis of monomers and vitamin K3
  • Purification of products and metabolites
  • Identification of Products and metabolites
  • Creation of fusion proteins
  • Quantitative and qualitative determination of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Ames Test


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