Areas of activity

The activities of IUCT group in four strategic areas:

• Projects of R&D&i and Technological Transfer
1. Own projects R&D&i and transfer of results to the industry ---> Pipeline
2. Customized R & D projects for companies
3. Development of own Technological Platforms, available for the use of industrial projects

• Technological Services
1. Analysis in different scientific areas
2. Pharmaceutical production, cosmetic and nutraceutics
3. Services of consulting and technical audits

• Transmission of Knowledges and Skilled Formation
1. Open formation
2. Formation to size in wide areas of scientific knowledge
3. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Congresses

• Entrepreneur of High Technology
1. Spin off of IUCT of own technologies
2. Business collaborationswith companies consolidated
3. Support to entrepreneurship through the Fund of Capital-Knowledge